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Do you have accounts that still have to be paid or arrears? These debt tips help you to deal with your debts.

Get payday loan help debt consolidation today


If there is one thing that all money gurus agree on, it is that debts are expensive. In short: you can best approach this as quickly as possible to prevent the situation from bad to worse and you only spend your salary on interest and repayments of your outstanding loans. Of course, you do not always speak of debts, it can also be temporary payment arrears. If you have trouble repaying your payday loans, it is important to consolidate them at

Tips on debt

The first step in debt is, of course, to check how many debts you have, with which lenders, what the costs are and what is still open. Also, check whether you have already received reminders and if any agreements have been made. The next step is to organize your finances: how much is going out and how much money is coming in. Can you save on something? The tips below may help.

Tips on debt: exclude insurance

As a Dutchman, you have many insurance policies: of course the compulsory health insurance, but most people also have car insurance, home contents insurance, travel insurance and many more. Chances are that you pay too much. Therefore, check whether you can switch your insurance policies to another provider, extend your subscription at a favorable price or perhaps even cancel the insurance. It is, of course, unnecessary to be double insured.

Tips on debt: cancel your subscriptions

Another cost item that often costs a lot of money: subscriptions. Think of sports school subscriptions that you do not use, subscriptions to newspapers or magazines (look at the library or read the newspaper online), but also vegetable packages and similar. Often unnecessary and very expensive.

Tips on debt: use a budget

Perhaps quite obvious, but a budget is very important if you want to tackle debts. Make an extensive calculation for your weekly (shopping) budget, by summarizing what you still have every week to maintain yourself or your family. Add up all the prices and you have a shopping budget. Check whether this amount really fits within your budget. If not, then it is time to look at what you can possibly arrange because of cost savings. Do you find it difficult to keep your budget when shopping? Make sure you have eaten well in advance, take a shopping list with you that you do not deviate from and take the cash that you have to spend in cash.

Tips on debt: never borrow if it is not necessary

As the advertisements make clear: borrowing money costs money. It is therefore not very wise to borrow when it is not necessary. In the end, you always have high monthly payments and you have things that you can not afford. Paying off the loans is then difficult and often causes problems because it puts such a burden on your budget. So do not just borrow because you want to have something. Always choose to save and put money aside so that you can make a certain purchase. A financial buffer helps you to absorb unexpected and necessary expenses. See if there are cheaper alternatives, such as second-hand options for example.

Tips on debt: only borrow for your home

The only situation where a loan is not a disaster is taking out a mortgage. Now that the housing market is picking up again and interest rates are extremely low, it is a good time to buy a house. You invest in a property that will (hopefully) become more valuable in the future. Moreover, a mortgage brings you a bit closer each month to owning your own home, while renting is a waste of money. An important consideration to make. However, it is wise not to opt for a mortgage-free mortgage, because buying is almost the same as renting, but with a lot of risks.